Friday, 31 October 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures announces the Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle and Aurora Stealth VTOL are available for pre-orders!

ClearHorizon Miniatures writes:

The Aurora Stealth VTOL is designed to take a team of two or three operatives into the most heavily guarded enemy worlds.  Able to disembark from an orbiting stealth strike cruiser the Aurora can transit operatives into the heart of enemy strongholds as well as provide advanced air-to-air and air-to-ground strike capabilities.

The Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle gives the Hell Diver 5th Orbital Activities Division Special Operations teams the capability to take on heavy enemy armor and emplacements and is an advanced armored recon vehicle. The Nemesis is manned by two Hell Divers and has a remote-operated heavy turret and composite light-bending armored skin.

Check out the overview video here:

The Nemesis is $13.99 and the Aurora is $14.99

Pre-order now and get a PRE-ORDER  BONUS!  You will receive a free, unreleased, Covert Ops Pack! (2x Metal Miniatures) for each Aurora or Nemesis ordered!

Both will be released on December 5th, 2014.

Pre-Order today at:

Thursday, 30 October 2014

November Gets Spooky in The Ion Age

A New Special Figure - The Witch Knight

While she may be a bit late for Halloween, IMP15 Witch Knight is a fun, spooky and dare I saw sexy treat for the Autumn season. Available free with any order until the end of November. Order before November 1st and you will get IMP14 and IMP15 free with your order. Remember, you can also order IMP15 on its own or extras if you like (give them as gifts!). Full details can be found - HERE.

Another side note, the Espaten guns and motive units will continue on their sale until the start of November. so you still have a couple of days to grab that 15% off on those great support weapons. For details on this deal, go - HERE.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Creak and Rattle

New Undead Released from

New fantasy releases from today. Two new packs of skeletons adding bows and spears to the list expand the list of figures in their HOT 15mm Fantasy range. The range will be expanding further in November. For full info, read - HERE

HOT40 Skeleton Missile Troops

HOT41 Skeleton Spears 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures is proud to offer the Gruntz Activation Cards!

Available at:

If you're interested in picking up the new Gruntz Activation cards we now stock them at ClearHorizon Miniatures!

Only $7.00, which is the lowest price anywhere!

There is also a video overview on the product page by Robin that gives a great overview on how to use them to spruce up your Gruntz games.

I personally use them by dealing a number of cards equal to the number of units on each side to the controlling player and then assigning them face down.

Then the players reveal their cards in order from highest to lowest, which adds a bit of pre-planning and battlefield fog-of-war to the game. Makes for some tense moments!

ACP Games New Release Tuesday! The Makat Assault walkers

Available at:

ACP Games has released the Makat Light Assault Walkers, and they look awesome!

You get three models for $20.00 And while you're checking them out check out the rest of the ACP Games website which has had a recent makeover and looks great!


Another awesome sale from Ground Zero Games

Well, the "treat" is that there is no "trick" - just a simple, straight 20% discount off EVERYTHING on our webstore, starting NOW and running for the next FOUR DAYS ONLY, ending at MIDNIGHT UK TIME on Friday the 31st October!

The first couple of weeks of November will be very busy with making stock ready for WARFARE at Reading - so this is a nice big incentive for you to get any orders in this week before I get stuck in to the show preparations!

There are no special codes or vouchers to enter - you will see that all the prices on the store are now displayed with 20% off (and don't forget that they are still the VAT-inclusive prices, so if you're outside the EU then you'll get the VAT deducted as well) - so  just place your order as normal, and you'll only pay the discounted prices.

In addition to the sale offer, we have FIVE new packs of 15mm infantry released today - and yes, these all qualify for the 20% discount too! (Prices shown here are the regular retail prices).


SG15-J14          Japanese Corporate Ashigaru Command and Comms - in helmets (8 figures, 2 each of 4 different poses) 3.00 (2.50 ex VAT)

SG15-P14    PAU Infantry Command and Comms - in helmets (8 figures, 2 each of 4 different poses)           3.00 (2.50 ex VAT)


TW15-BZ04   Brazilian Infantry Command and Comms (8 figures, 2 each of 4 different poses)    3.60 (3.00 ex VAT)

Plus TWO new packs for the Colonial Defence Forces (CDF): 

SG15-C18    CDF Autocannon Teams (2 weapon teams, each of autocannon, tripod mount, gunner and spotter)   3.00 (2.50 ex VAT)

SG15-C19    CDF Mortar Teams (2 weapon teams, each of mortar, baseplate and two kneeling crew)                3.00 (2.50 ex VAT)