Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ground Zero Games preview...

Ground Zero Games recently released, among other things, some excellent resculpted Kra'Vak miniatures, revealing facial features that weren't previously obvious:

The next release for this range perhaps indicates that they're a little shy. 

Featuring the same 5 poses, the Kra'Vak will now be sporting some rather wonderful helmets! 

The current pack includes 2 each of the 4 rifle poses and for a limited time, 2 of the support weapon poses as a free bonus. This will also apply with the new helmeted figures and will continue until such time as there are enough support weapon poses for a pack of their own.

Available for the first time at the SELWG show in London this Sunday (11 October) and shortly thereafter on their website, here are a few preview shots:

The Taranis Approaches

The big news at the Ion Age is, of course, the Taranis tank and the accompanying rules set. The past weeks have brought a number of stories covering the development and background surrounding the wonderfully rendered and realized scifi tank.

Last Saturday there was a story on the Taranis Runner Drones that accompany the massive tanks. These models are wonderful in there own right and you can read more about them HERE. The real news, however is the upcoming early support offer (ESO) for the Taranis which will begin October 7th, 2015. You can read more about this pending release and other Taranis news- HERE. Full details on the ESO for the Taranis will, of course, be released on the 7th but much has already been said on the Ion Age blog.

I have to say that this release is very exciting, not only because it brings such a cool vehicle to the table but also because it truly ushers in a new scope of product and release for the folks at the Ion Age and another dimension to the excellent universe that has been building for over a year now.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

New Look at the Taranis - Scale and Paint

IAF100 Taranis Tracked Tank with Five Running Drones!

The Early Supporter Offers will be coming next week and as we stated in the previous of today's postings there are more articles to come before then about the IAF100 Taranis Tracked Tanks all five variants and their drones that will feature in the offers. Click on the linkHERE to see plain backdrop painted photos and click HERE to see an article with all the resin parts and dimensions of the kits. 

This article presents to you a series of scale photographs showing Taranis alongside other items from our 15mm range that are in your wargame collection. Each photograph has a caption that tells you more. 

Taranis Tank advanced uphill with female Retained Knights

A Red Adder Combat Car next to Taranis Siege Tank

Planetary Militia dismebark from a Taranis Tracked APC

Muster Khamel Tracked Bike next to Taranis Seige Tank

Energy Turret Taranis with Hab Dome and Cratered Hab Dome

Brothers in Arms! Taranis with Skylark and Mullo vehicles

Taranis Tracked Tank with Steornade Battlesuits

Planetary Militia Infantry next to stationary Taranis Tracked Tank

Taranis with PM Officer, Colabretta Carrier and Hazelwurm Patrol Car

Do you feel sorry for the Canlastrian forces...I do!

Its a mighty big vehicle and damn impressive too! Bob Naismith has done a fantastic job on bringing my idea of what a futuristic science fiction space opera Human tracked tank would look like into a resin reality. There are more articles to come including one on the Taranis Running Tank Drones and an Information Burst fiction article followed by joy of joys the ESO's themselves! 

Thanks for Reading.


Friday, 2 October 2015

October's Special Miniatures is NOX-ious

This month brings us yet another amazing miniature from the Ion Age. Through the month of October the Female Nox Trooper will come free with any purchase from the Ion Age. It can also be purchased by itself for those wanting just the miniature or to acquire additional copies.

For more information read - HERE

ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the High-Gravity Mercs (Sci-Fi Dwarves)!

Available at Clearhorizon Miniatures

Humanity has spread throughout the cosmos and often upon worlds that, while similar, are different in fundamental ways from our own.  On the larger rocky planets with a habitable biome colonies can form and flourish over a period of many years.  Those that do the best and prosper on the high-gravity worlds tend to be stockier and hardier than their brethren on standard-class gravity worlds.

This squad of eight (8) veteran mercs hail from a high-gravity world and have a proven track record as evidence of their toughness. Each figure tells a story and exudes character.

The High-Gravity Mercs squad contains 6x armed with a variety of small arms, 1x with a heavy support weapon and a command figure. They are approx. 14mm to the top of the head and are single-piece metal miniatures.

Sculpted by Stewart Sidney-Rough Diamond Donovan.

Blaireau and Belette released at BrigadeModels.co.uk!

The Blaireau and Belette are French-made 6×6 vehicles that come in a number of variants, with several armed turret options plus a radar vehicle and an unarmed utility vehicle.

In addition to these, we also have a version of the Tassigny APC fitted with a radar instead of a turret, and also a radar dish on the Asterie remote base.

SF15-403e – Tassigny APC with Radar – £8.00
SF15-412a – Blaireau 6×6 Utility – £4.50
SF15-412b – Belette 6×6 with MG Turret- £4.50
SF15-412c – Belette 6×6 with Gatling Turret- £4.50
SF15-412d – Belette 6×6 with Missile Turret- £4.50
SF15-412e – Martre 6×6 with Radar – £4.50
SF15-413d – Remote Radar Mount – £1.50

For more information: http://www.brigademodels.co.uk/Blog/2015/10/kbb/